Ride in Comfort with a new Motorcycle Seat Pad

Whether you are the rider or passenger on the bike, a new motorcycle seat pad can help make your ride and/or your passenger’s ride more comfortable.  A seat pad is also a great comfort upgrade that is much more affordable than buying a whole new seat.  Seat pads are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and prices to suit just about any budget.

Fabric motorcycle seat pads are affordable and are perfect for a variety of different bike styles.  Quilted material and thick padding will protect you from the bumps and jarring found on the open road.  These seat pads are great for both winter and summer riding.  When you get on the seat after the bike has been outside for some time in the sun it can be rather uncomfortable.  Fabric seat pads will neither build nor retain heat in the summer, so you can be assured the seat will be at comfortable temperature when you get on your bike.

Sheepskin motorcycle seat pads are a step up from a fabric seat seat pad.  They provide more comfort with the added luxury of the feel of soft sheepskin.  Even though this is a luxurious item that will help you ride in comfort, it does not come with a luxuriously high price tag.  Just as with fabric seats pads, sheepskin seat pads don’t build or retain heat if left out in the sun.

If you want a more classic look to your bike, take a look at the leather motorcycle seat pads.  A leather seat pad will blend best with the existing seat on the bike.  Even with leather, you can get a seat pad that is very affordable.  And, due to the technology used in the leather seat pads, they won’t build or hold heat either.

For your passenger, a comfortable seat is just as important, especially for longer rides.  So if you are struggling with an uncomfortable passenger seat on your bike, get a seat pad for your passenger too.  If you’re looking to increase the seating area for your passenger, check out the easy-on/off ButtyBuddy Passenger Seat.  The 13.5″ width of the ButtyBuddy is wider than 86% of stock passenger seats.

A new seat pad is a great way to help increase the comfort of you and/or your passenger’s ride.  If you are already thinking of buying a new seat for your bike, consider a seat pad as a more affordable (and just as comfortable) option to replacing your existing seat.

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