Two Easy Ways to Help Make Your Ride Safer

Safe riding should be a priority for all motorcycle riders, regardless of the age of the rider or the type of bike they are riding.  This can be achieved by knowing the advantages and disadvantages that a motorcyclist has while on the roads, and trying to best compensate for those disadvantages.  Safe riding is part mental and part physical.  Helping to increase your safety can be achieved with these two easy tips:

1) Be Seen!
One of the biggest disadvantages motorcyclists have on the roads is their ability to be seen by other motorists.  One of the most common things heard after a motorcycle accident is the tell-tale line, “I didn’t see them!”  Visibility comes in a couple forms that can all be addressed.   The first is by modifying your riding style to try to combat this.  Being aware of where a car’s blindspots are will help prevent the you from getting trapped in one of those blindspots when a cager decides they need to change lanes. In an ideal world, all motorists would be aware of bikes on the road, but since we don’t live in an ideal world, being more proactive about avoiding trouble areas gives you the best advantage.  The other thing motorcyclists can do is make sure their ride is as visible as possible.  Here are a few motorcycle safety products that will help you be more visible to other motorists:

2) Be Heard!
Sometimes being visible is simply not enough.  A distracted driver is a difficult beast to wrangle and making sure you have the ability to punch through the inherent cloud of distraction can make all the difference.  With so many cagers talking on cell phones, listening to loud music, and eating their fast food while driving, having the ability to get their attention at the right moment can be the difference between staying safe and getting into an accident.  Adding a super-loud aftermarket horn can help get the cager’s attention when it’s really needed.  The loudest motorcycle air horn in the world, the Stebel Nautilus Compact Motorcycle Air Horn, puts out an incredible 139 decibels of sound instantly which can be heard over loud music or even the most heated discussion in the car encroaching into your lane.  Most stock horns are incredibly weak, around 90 decibels, so your chances of getting noticed when needed are significantly increased by replacing your wimpy stock horn with a super-loud horn.

Be Seen. Be Heard.  These two simple mantras will help make your ride a safer and more enjoyable experience.  Take the time to increase your riding skills and add the accessories and apparel available that will help keep you upright.

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