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ButtyBuddy Passenger Seat

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  • Manufactured by: ButtyBuddy

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Product Details:
  • 13.5" width is wider than 86% of passenger pillions
  • Choose your style - Standard or Bare Fender
  • Standard fits most cruisers AND sport bikes!
  • Bare Fender keeps your passenger happy w/o changing the look of your bike
  • Made with hi-density closed cell cushioning
  • Fully waterproof and weatherproof
  • Concave shape is ergonomically correct
  • Portable and easily installed - installs in 15 seconds
  • Comes with its own carrying case
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Replacement Warranty!

Product Description:

If you've ever had a passenger wiggling from side to side throughout the ride, you know they were responding to the discomfort of your seat. Besides your passenger's discomfort, it can be dangerous for the both you and your passenger gets the bike off center from the passenger moving around.

Comfort is important to you and your passenger, and with the ButtyBuddy you can provide a safe, pleasurable ride without compromising your safety or the existing look of your motorcycle. Years of research and development went into the design of the ButtyBuddy and in 2002, impressively resulted in a United States patent. And, it's no wonder - its high density closed cell cushioning combined with the concave shape that makes the design ergonomic, wrapping around the buttocks and providing lower back support is so unique that it will fit almost any bike from sport models to cruisers. A full 13.5" seat width (that's the same size seating area as the factory driver's seat on a Harley Softail) that attaches to the current seat in as little as 15 seconds gives the designers of this product bragging rights. It is fully waterproof and weatherproof and when not in use, can be tucked away in the storage bag that is included with your purchase.

The ButtyBuddy can also be used directly on bare fenders with the exclusive monster suction cups. So choose your style, standard or bare fender, and give your passenger a safer and more comfortable ride.

The ButtyBuddy seat is not to be used off-road other or in other rough conditions. As with every other motorcycle passenger seat, a sissy bar is recommended when using your ButtyBuddy. If an unsecured ButtyBuddy is used without a sissy bar, and the passenger should raise up off it at highway speeds, it could blow off. It is therefore recommended when there is no sissy bar, that you use the universal fit nylon anti-blow off straps. Never use the ButtyBuddy seat as a hand-hold. WHEN MOUNTING the ButtyBuddy, stand on the foot pegs first, then sit squarely down on the BB seat. DISMOUNT in the same way...never 'roll off' one side of the BB seat.

What keeps it from falling off?
The Scientific law of physics called "Angular Momentum" is what keeps motorcycle riders, passengers, and your ButtyBuddy extremely stable and squarely aligned with a controlled motorcycle's center of gravity. No matter how intense the leaning may get, even in extreme transitions like switchback curves, it is irrelevant to the dynamics of stability. When considering this law of physics, ButtyBuddy could be considered an extension of the rider, not the motorcycle. Point is - it works!

How can it be stable when it is not bolted down
It is very stable because of two specific design features incorporated into the design of the PATENTED ButtyBuddy.
1.) It is fitted with four "Positioning stops" which firmly engage the sides of the motorcycle seat and control any lateral rotational movement.
2.) The "tunneled" gripper area underneath the center engages the passenger's weight at the outer edges, minimizing any lateral left / right rocking effect.

How is it attached to the motorcycle seat?
Exactly the same way as the passenger's butt is...gravity and friction, only better! ButtyBuddy is fitted with a hi-tech "gripper" element that maintains exceptional static retention against the top of your motorcycle's seat surface, that's gripping power more than ten times greater than that of a denim clad passenger.

How can it possibly fit so many different bikes when there is such a wide variety of seat shapes and sizes?
ButtyBuddy has a specific set-up adjustment options that enable it to be fitted to almost any size or shape passenger seat. The initial one time set-up requires about 15 minutes adjusting everything to fit your specific seat. Positioning is now instantly repeated every time it is snapped together and used thereafter...removal does not change your presets.

Could it damage my bike?
It is very unlikely since that issue has been considered in every element of the design and development; however since such a wide variety of application possibilities do exist, it is the responsibility of the end user to determine all aspects of compatibility.

Works with:
- All Motorcycles - Universal - Not Designed for any specific make or model

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