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MotoCentric Mototrek Boot Covers

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I really like this rain boot or shoe protection product for the price. I wear a size 10.5 men's shoe and got the 11 size covers and they fit perfectly! The black material I believe is light reflective too, for night riding which is super cool and a great idea by Moto Centric.

Never rode in the rain yet but can't wait to test them out for water protection. The only down side to these is that they did not make them with any sole material i.e. rubber underneath the cloth material. so walking on the street with these on, will destroy them pretty fast I would think. I would take them off but I have a really bad back and it was a fight for me just to put them on. Remember, if you are healthy its no problem getting these on over your shoes.

The bottom is closed all the way around your shoe in the front, then open under neath at the back and there is a elastic strap under the arch of your shoes that helps hold these on.

The only other thing I noticed is that, even though I got a size larger than I needed, the calf upper snap and zipper and velcro area is too tight on me. I used to mountain bike a lot maybe that's why. It just seems to small at that spot right below the knee. I just leave the snap button off, and unzip it a bit, then velcro over the zipper and it feels much better.

I dig these boot covers, especially for what they do, and for the price. The quality for the price is really good! Can't wait to order the glove covers next. Bring on the rain, ok after summer though, haha! Ride safe out there.

Hope this review gives you some insight into the product a bit.
Thank you Biker Hiway, and Moto Centric!
Charlie in Santa Cruz, CA
Date Added: 05/20/2013 by Charles Idler


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