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Red Light Changer


I came across this product by chance on the BikerHiway website and was super interested about the concept. Myself and other bikers get stuck at lights all the time if no other cars are there to trip the light. Another Harley and myself got stuck at a busy intersection and couldn't drive through the red (dangerous and unsafe thing to do) because it was a very busy intersection forcing us to turn right go down the block and turn around, an annoying situation to say the least. While installing the "Red Light Changer" under my bike I got 8 inches from frame and magnet flew out of my hand and landed on the frame. I took added care and got it mounted, EASY... I now pull up to intersection signal lights and just SECONDS LATER, the amber light sequence on the intersection lights begins. It's a no-brainer whether or not you should have one of these on your bike. BE SAFE. AN AWESOME PRODUCT - I wish I had it on my Harley years ago.
Date Added: 07/21/2011 by George Hartmire


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