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Kisan PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator

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  • Model: P115W-H3-DHL HM
  • Shipping Weight: 0.63lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kisan Technologies


Product Details:
  • For Dual H1, H3, H7, or H-9 side-by-side Hi/Lo Beams
  • Increases Motorcycle's Frontal Visibility by 200%
  • Easy to Install with a Single Wire Splice
  • Programmable Daylight Sensor

Product Description:

PathBlazer Model LookupBE SEEN! If you're not seen by others around you, you're in trouble.

Most Drivers don't expect to see anything smaller than a car. They may be looking right at you, but a small motorcycle just won't register. With so many automobiles equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL) on the road, motorcycles have a hard time standing out.

PathBlazer headlight modulator makes a motorcycle 200% more visible.

P115W-H3-DHL designed for a motorcycle with dual side-by-side Hi/Lo beam bulbs - either H1, H3, Euro-H7 or H9 type bulbs. The Dual High/Low (DHL) requires that the lo-beam bulb stays ON even when the hi-beam is switched on.

P115W-H3-DHL is a Dual Channel configuration. This is an EXTERNALLY mounted unit and does not fit inside the headlight assembly.

PathBlazer circuit modulates the hi-beam current - from 100% ON to about 17% OFF. This is accomplished by using a p-channel MOSFET, which is inherently safe. The MOSFET is designed to fail in the ON state. For additional safety, the circuit DOES NOT utilize the lo-beam whatsoever!

MAX power rating is 115 watts. DO NOT EXCEED!

P115W-H3-DHL comes with a detachable daylight sensor, which simply plugs into the PathBlazer. The daylight sensor functions as a switch; it stops modulation when it cannot see enough daylight. Since the internal circuitry is controlled by a microprocessor, which allows for customizable features.

Programmable Daylight Sensor
If you turn the high beam on and then turn the ignition on three times quickly, the sequence is interpreted as an active command to change the sensitivity.

Software version v.823A allows 8 linear steps between the high and low end.

The daylight sensor has a low frequency filter to avoid false triggering. Please note that florescent lamps may not trigger the sensor - it needs constant incandescent light.

PathBlazer uses a soft-switching technique. It throttles the current flow through the bulb filament, so that there's no "thermal shock" due to a sudden inrush of current, which can damage the bulb filament or shorten it's life considerably. This is far superior than maintaining a small voltage!

Select hi-beam to modulate - as long as there's sufficient daylight. If you enter a tunnel or if it gets dark, it will stop the modulation of the hi-beam and stay ON steady. Select lo-beam to end modulation.

You have complete control.

Legal Information
Click here for DOT Regulations regarding Headlight Modulators.

Will the PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator work with my motorcycle?
The P115W-H3-DHL designed for a motorcycle with dual side-by-side Hi/Lo beam bulbs - either H1, H3, Euro-H7 or H9 type bulbs

To determine which Path Blazer model is correct for your motorcycle, please use our PathBlazer Model Lookup. If your motorcycle is not listed, please call us, toll-free, 1-866-496-3184.

Is the PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator legal in my state?
Yes. The PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL is legal in all states. Click here for a printable version of the DOT Regulations regarding Headlight Modulators.

Is the PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator legal in Canada?
Yes. The P115W-H3-DHL is legal in all provinces in Canada.

Can the PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator modulate the Lo-Beam?
Yes. However, we highly recommend Hi-beam modulation. When you modulate the Lo-beam on most motorcycles you can not turn off the modulation since the lo-beam is on all the time.

I am installing the PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator. Which wire on my motorcycle do I cut?
It is the wire which provides 12 volts to the Hi-beam when the Hi-beam switch is on. The best source for answer is your Owner's Manual. We have identified the colors for the most popular makes in the installation instructions, but even that can change from year to year. So please refer to your Owner's Manual and use a voltmeter or a test light to be sure.

I have installed my PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator according to the instructions, but it won't modulate. Why?
The engine must be on. Properly connected and programmed Daylight sensor forces the unit to modulate. Check that all the wiring is properly connected with the right polarity and a good ground. Make sure you are in a sufficiently bright daylight area, with the Hi-beam on. The sensitivity of the daylight sensor must be adjusted according to the installation instructions.

I have installed the PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator and everything is hooked-up, yet the Hi-beam won't even come on What's wrong?
A good ground connection is required for the PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL circuitry to work. Without ground, or with an isolated ground point, the unit will not start.

Do I have to use the Daylight Sensor that comes with the PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator?
Yes. The Daylight Sensor must be used because it is illegal to modulate your headlight at night.

Where do I mount the Daylight Sensor?
The Daylight Sensor should be mounted on the dash, fairing, or any location where it can face skyward and receive unobstructed sunlight. It should not be facing the front of the motorcycle, in order to avoid false triggers at night from on-coming vehicles. You can also flush mount it right on the headlight housing with the sensor secured so the head is protruding slightly through the grommet. Alternatively, you can zip-tie the Daylight Sensor to a brake cable or a bracket, as long as it receives unobstructed sunlight. The sensor head is waterproof.

This PathBlazer Fits:

- 2005-2006 K1200R

- 2004-2006 Blackbird CBR11XX
- 2005-2008 CBR 600
- 1995-2003 CBR 600 - 599
- 2006-2007 RC51
- 2006-2007 RVT1000 RC51
- 2005-2009 Silver Wing FSC600

- 2008-2009 MS3 250

- 2007-2009 KLR 650
- 2006-2008 Ninja 250R
- 2004-2005 Ninja ZX-10R
- 2006-2008 Ninja ZX-10R
- 2005-2008 Ninja ZX-6R
- 2007-2008 ZZR 600

- 2007-2009 Super Duke 990
- 2006-2009 Supermoto 690
- 2006-2009 Supermoto 950

MV Augusta
- 2006-2008 F4 R

- 2007-2009 Bandit 1250
- 2003-2008 Bandit GSF K
- 2003-2008 Burgman AN-400
- 2004-2009 GSXR 1000
- 2006-2008 V-Strom 650 ABS

- 2006-2009 Daytona 675
- 2007-2008 Tiger
- 2007-2009 Tiger 1050

- 2005-2008 FZ-6
- 2004-2007 FZ-600 S
- 2005-2008 YZF R6

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