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Motorcycle Reflective Tape & Decals

According to the Motorcycle Rider Conspicuity and Crash Related Injury: Case-control Study*:

Low conspicuity may increase the risk of motorcycle crash related injury. Increasing the use of reflective or fluorescent clothing, white or light colored helmets, and daytime headlights are simple, cheap interventions that could considerably reduce motorcycle crash related injury and death.

Adding reflective materials to your apparel, helmet, or motorcycle is one of the best ways to ensure that you are seen at night to help keep you safe. Add reflective decals or reflective tape to your existing gear and your motorcycle with one of BikerHiway's reflective motorcycle tape kits, which allow you to sew or adhere reflective tape to your bike, clothing or other riding accessories.

Be extra visible with super bright reflective products from BikerHiway! Be Safe, Be Seen!

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