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Motorcycle Headlight Modulators

Statistics show that over three-fourths of multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes occur at intersections. Of these, the great majority are caused when another vehicle invades a motorcycles right-of-way. These statistics aren't new, but one still wonders how this scenario repeats so frequently. The answer can be found in four words we've all heard too often: "I didn't see them".

As motorcyclists, those four words should not be taken lightly. They provide one of our best insights into becoming safer riders. Acknowledging that we're nearly invisible to other drivers is our first step in learning to increase our visibility. Another great step is the addition of a "headlight modulator".

A headlight modulator increases and decreases the intensity of a motorcycle headlight fast enough that the headlight appears to flicker, or "modulate". The modulation of the headlight makes the motorcycle significantly more visible to other drivers. Higher visibility means increased rider safety.

Because other drivers often don't see motorcycles, being visible in traffic becomes the rider's responsibility. Adding a headlight modulator is an inexpensive and easy way to help increase your visibility and your safety.

Kisan PathBlazer P115W-H3-DHL Headlight Modulator

  • For Dual H1, H3, H7, or H-9 side-by-side Hi/Lo Beams
  • Increases Motorcycle's Frontal Visibility by 200%
  • Easy to Install with a Single Wire Splice
  • Programmable Daylight Sensor
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