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Michigan State Police - An analysis of serious motorcycle crashes in Michigan

The Michigan Department of State Police, Traffic Services Section, conducted a study of serious motorcycle crashes in Michigan. For the purposes of this study serious motorcycle crashes are those crashes that result in a fatality or an incapacitating injury to the motorcycle operator. This study is a "first of its kind" for Michigan.

The purpose of this study was to identify those hazards and circumstances associated with serious motorcycle crashes specific to Michigan and recommend ways to reduce the number of serious motorcycle crashes.

Serious Motorcycle Crashes in Michigan (PDF)

The analysis of serious motorcycle crashes reveals those crashes are comparatively similar throughout the three-year period studied. Because of those similarities, it was felt a closer look at all motorcycle crashes that occurred in Michigan for the year 2004 would give an accurate representation of how and why motorcycles crashes occur within this state during the current age.

The following document is a logical next step to the research paper Serious Motorcycle Crashes in Michigan.

Motorcycle Crashes in Michigan (PDF)

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