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Lane Placement

Car drivers are relatively limited in their ability to alter their position within the lane, since they normally occupy about 50 - 70% of it. Motorcycles on the other hand occupy a very small part of the lane and can use this to great advantage.

Remember to alter your road position to

  • Improve your view of the situation ahead
  • Improve your chances of being seen by other road users
  • Avoid hazards in the road or improve surface grip
  • Reduce the severity of a corner or bend
  • Give information to influence other road users

This can be especially important at night.  Often times, the lone headlight of a motorcycle appears to be one of the headlights of an oncoming car. As it accelerates more rapidly than a car, a motorcycle may be well ahead of a group of cars leaving a traffic signal.  Move across the lane away from the car that could pull out in front of you.  This will differentiate you from the other headlights and indicate your speed to the driver. 

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