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When confronted with a sudden obstacle you only have split second to evaluate the situation and decide how to react. Usually, you have two options: attempt to brake to a stop or swerve around the obstacle.

The physics of movement (whew! I thought I left that in high school) tell us that if traveling from 0 to 50 MPH braking is the best option.  When traveling over 50 MPH the braking distance increases exponentially and swerving becomes the best option.

Common obstacles you want to avoid are:

Leaves: So pretty in the fall but far more dangerous than they appear, especially if wet.

Small animals: Hitting a very small animal can be treacherous, especially on a smaller motorcycle.

Standing water: Don't just charge through water like you would in a car. Depending on tires you can hydroplane which will make the bike feel like it's on ice. If you are unlucky enough to experience this make no steering inputs and ride straight on through.

Ice: A pretty clear danger.  Stay off the roads in icy conditions and beware of early mornings, even in warmer fall and spring weather.

Snow: Another one to avoid.  If you have to do it, make minimal traction demands and remain smooth.

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