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Riding Skills & Techniques

The Hurt Study tells us that, "The motorcycle riders involved in accidents are essentially without training; 92% were self-taught or learned from family or friends."

All the information we have included in this section is wonderful, it will help you.  But, it will not replace an experienced riding coach.  The best thing you can do for your safety is take a class.  In fact, you can find one right here on this site.  Visit the Class Finder to find a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class in your area.

In the information below, you'll find riding techniques as well as links to other sites that have wonderful technique information.  Before we get into specifics, let's address another finding of the Hurt study:

"Ninety percent of all motorcycle crashes happen within the first hour of riding; fifty percent happen within the first six minutes."  Additionally, a Minnesota traffic study noted that the majority of motorcycle crashes happen during the rush hours, particularly in the evening.  ("The Hurt Study Revisited", Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly.

Mindset and concentration are of utmost importance when riding a motorcycle.  Consider if you are concentrating just six minutes after leaving work, a store, or a friend's house.  Take a minute to focus before you get on the bike, it could save your life.

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