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Billet LED Cateyez – Red Lens


The Billet LED Cateyez contains 88 super bright Red LEDs. 20 LEDs are reserved for left turn signal functionality, 20 LEDs are reserved for right turn signal functionality, and 48 LEDs are reserved for center brake light functionality. The Billet LED Cateyez can also be wired so all 88 LEDs function as only Running Lights and Brake Lights. All LEDs function in running mode. It can be used as a flush mount or a straight mount on motorcycle fenders or saddlebags. Available with either a Red Lens or a Clear Lens.

Product Description

When you install the Cateyez, you can wire it to be all dual intensity with just Run/Brake functionality, or with Run/Turn/Brake functionality – you choose!

4.6″L x 2.3″W x 0.85″D

Product Details:

  • Chrome Billet
  • Contains 88 Super Bright Red LEDs
  • Can be Wired as Run/Brake or Run/Turn/Brake
  • Can be wired with any Motorcycle Make or Model

Legal Information
Modification of the Original Lighting on any Motor Vehicle, including Motorcycles, may not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Lights which are not DOT certified, such as most LED bulbs, brake light bulbs, turn signal bulbs, and headlight bulbs, even if designed to produce bright red, amber, or white light, may not be approved for public road use. Depending on the location in which they are installed, these bulbs or lights may be for show car of off-road use only. Please check with your Federal and local authorities before replacing your original lighting products with any aftermarket lights.


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