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New Best Combo Deal With Shortcuts Video & Bonus DVD


The New Ride Like A Pro – 120 minutes / Ride Like A Pro On The Dragon – 45 minutes / Ride Like a Pro on The Dragon 2 – 23 minutes / Surviving The Mean Streets 2 – 60 minutes / Shortcuts to Riding Like A Pro – 60 Minutes

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Product Description

The NEW Ride Like A Pro DVD:

There’s no question that The NEW Ride Like A Pro DVD (released March, 2012) is the ideal instructional video for elevating the skill level of all riders that study it. This DVD contains all of the information from the previous Ride Like A Pro volumes and packs in even more helpful tips for handling a wide variety of motorcycles ranging from luxury tourers to sport bikes. Five women and five men riders on a variety of heavyweight motorcycles, demonstrate style enhancing techniques that will inspire confidence and skill in navigating your cruiser through a wide variety of challenging obstacles. Don’t just look like a Pro, know how to Ride Like a Pro.  English.

Ride Like A Pro On The Dragon:

Stretching 11 miles and boasting an impressive 318 curves, Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap is America’s #1 motorcycle road. Navigating this impressive stretch of asphalt can prove to be a challenge without proper instruction. Ride Like A Pro ‘On The Dragon’ uses actual crash footage to properly educate you on how to successfully motor your big cruiser through this particularly popular series of turns.  English.

Surviving the Mean Streets 2 DVD:

In Surviving the Mean Streets 2 you are treated to tips on group riding, made aware of problems that group riding presents, and taught how to avoid complications while riding in a pack. You’re also educated on the hazards to be aware of while riding in the rain, in traffic, riding on dirt or gravel roads, and approaching intersections. With this DVD you will truly learn how to survive the roads you ride on with skill and confidence.  English.

Ride Like a Pro, The Book:

Within these pages, I will show you a simple step by step procedure that will teach you these techniques in just a few hours.  This will change your riding life forever.Imagine never having to fear dropping your motorcycle!  Imagine being able to whip a U-turn in less than 18 feet, that’s two parking spaces!You’ll find this and much more inside my book.  English.

Ride Like a Pro on The Dragon 2 – The Bonus Video:

In my Ride Like a Pro on the Dragon video, I show you all the technique you will ever need to know to ride any winding road with skill and confidence. The only complaint I’ve received about my Ride Like a Pro on the Dragon is it’s not long enough. With that in mind, I returned to the Dragon this past Summer and filmed Ride Like a Pro on the Dragon, Part II (the Bonus Video). With both videos, you’ll now have over an hour of the tips, tricks and techniques for riding any winding road.  English.

Shortcuts to Riding Like A Pro:

This DVD will show you how to sharpen the skills you’ve learned in my NEW Ride Like A Pro DVD with the least amount of time and effort. I’ll show you how to set up exercises with a minimum amount of markers or, no markers at all. You will see how to use the parking lot lines that are already in every parking lot as your own private skills course. I’ll even show you how to use the streets in any sub-division to sharpen your skills before a ride. English.