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Driver & Pass VT600 88-08, VT750 Ace & Spirit, VT1100 Sabre, Driver XVS650 & 1100

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Product Description

This Slider Peg kit comes with a pair of stem mounts and our comfortable Ride Soft style pegs. Fits GL1500 Gold Wing Interstate 1991-1996 (Passenger), Valkyrie 1995-2002 (Passenger), VF750 Magna 1982-2002 (Passenger), VF750 1984-2003 (Passenger),VT750 ACE 2000-2003 (Passenger), VT750 Spirit (Driver/Passenger), VT600 (Driver), VT600 1988-1998 (Passenger), VT600 1999-2007 (Passenger), VT750 ACE 1998-1999 (Driver/Passenger), VT1100 (Driver/Passenger), VT1100 Sabre/Spirit (Driver/Passenger),VT1100 ACE/Aero (Passenger), VT1300 Fury (Passenger), VTX1300 R/S 2002-2003 (Passenger), VTX1800C 2002-2004 (Passenger), VTX1800 R/S 2002-2003 (Passenger), VL800/C50 2001-2005 (Passenger), V Star 650 Custom/Classic (Driver/Passenger), V Star 950(Passenger), V Star 1100 Custom/Classic (Driver/Passenger), V Star 1300 (Passenger), and XV1600/XV1700 (Passenger).

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