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Stebel Harley Replacement Horn – High Tone


With all the innovative things Harley-Davidson ® has done over the years, there’s one area in which a brand-new Harley ® could use a tune-up – the stock horn. The gentle meep-meep emitted from behind the Harley ® cowbell horn cover leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t stand up to the reputation for power and attitude that Harleys ® are known for, and it won’t be heard when it’s needed most – in the event of an emergency.

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Product Description

Product Details:

  • Direct replacement – fits under Harley cowbell horn cover!
  • 500Hz High-Tone
  • Can be Wired with any Motorcycle Make or Model
  • Produces a Loud 136 dB Sound
  • Plain Black Finish

Enter BikerHiway’s Stebel Harley ® Replacement Horn. With an attention-grabbing 136 decibels of raw thunder you know without question you’ll be heard when you need it most. Available in either a 410Hz low tone or a 500Hz high tone, you’ll get the sound you want for an unbeatable price. The high tone is perceived to be louder than the low tone because of the way the human ear perceives sound.

Best of all, you just remove the horn from its protective casing and it will fit as a direct Plug-n-Play replacement under your stock Harley ® cowbell horn cover – from kitten to lion in less than 5 minutes.

Buy this horn now so you’ll be heard tomorrow!

**Please Note:** A relay is not required unless you are installing two of these horns or leaving your stock horn wired and adding this horn.

Harley ® and Harley-Davidson ® are registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson, Inc. These parts are not Harley-Davidson ® original equipment, manufactured or endorsed by Harley-Davidson ®.


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