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Red Light Changer

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  • Model: RLC-40
  • Shipping Weight: 0.53lbs
  • Manufactured by: Amanet

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Product Details:
  • The world's strongest red light changer
  • Ends excessive waiting at red lights
  • Works on any motorcycle
  • Legal in all states and countries
  • Needs no power
  • Tough, durable, weatherproof and road-proof
  • Powerful adhesive for easy installation
  • It really works or your money-back
  • Lifetime warranty

Product Description:

Stop wasting your life waiting for the light to change

If you ride a motorcycle, you've been there... growing old, waiting for a red light to change. You can go through it and risk a ticket or wait even longer for a car to come along behind you. No more! The RLC-40 Red Light Changer is the world's strongest red light changer, guaranteed to eliminate the nuisance.

Under most stoplights, wire loops embedded in the pavement act as a big metal detector. They work fine when you're driving a two-ton automobile. But the average bike just doesn't have enough metal to trigger the light. The RLC-40 gives your bike the boost it needs, putting a massive magnetic field around your bike. To the light circuit, your bike looks practically like a huge SUV - and the red hurries to green.

More than a magnet

Specially designed for motorcycles, the heart of the patented RLC-40 Red Light Changer is a small but extremely powerful neodymium-boron-iron magnet. It's strong enough to lift 40 pounds of steel, yet small enough to tuck away under your bike - and carefully engineered so all that power does not interfere with your bike's electronics.

Encased in a high-tech epoxy shell tested to stand up to all conditions, nothing bugs this road-tough character - bugs, oil, fuel, salt or debris. Coupled with the industrial-strength adhesive that keeps it stuck in all conditions, it's no wonder the RLC-40 is guaranteed for life.

There are other red light devices out there, but the RLC-40 is the strongest and toughest of the bunch. It's completely legal, easy to install and guaranteed to work - sending red lights packing.


There was one light that always gave me trouble. I haven't been stuck since I put the red light changer on my motorcycle.
RB, California

We got six of these for our Hog Group. The verdict is unanimous! We love it!
SM, Massachusetts

It really works!
HG, South Carolina

The red light changer is the best accessory I have put on my motorcycle! No more waiting!
AE, Alabama

I shutter to think how much time I wasted waiting instead of riding before I put the RLC-40 on my motorcycle. Now I just ride!
TH, Nevada

Will the RLC-40 Red Light Changer fit my motorcycle?
Yes, it will fit any motorcycle. It's easily mounted with a special industrial adhesive disc, which will bond with the mounting surface. It can even be mounted to bicycles and autos, as long as there's a flat, clean 1-inch diameter surface, aiming at the pavement.

Is the RLC-40 Red Light Changer legal?
Yes, in all states. That's because this is a passive device, which means that it changes a light only when it fails to detect the presence of a motorcycle. It is not a MIRT device, to be used only by emergency vehicles. MIRT devices are not legal for the public to use. However, the RLC-40 is also currently being used by many Police Departments for their motorcycles.

Is the RLC-40 Red Light Changer just a magnet? Why can't I just buy a powerful magnet and stick it on my motorcycle?
The RLC-40 contains a magnet, but it is much more than that. It is substantially more powerful than any magnet that you can purchase elsewhere. The RLC-40 is encased in a high-tech epoxy material designed and tested to hold up to all road conditions, including oil, fuel, salt, and debris, to ensure lifetime durability of the product. Also, the industrial adhesive is designed to keep the RLC-40 attached to the motorcycle. Without the high-strength adhesive another product will yield to vibration, slip, and eventually fall off.

What does the RLC-40 Red Light Changer look like?
The RLC-40 is a one-inch diameter, half-inch thick cylinder, which is copper/nickel plated, coated with a flat-black special epoxy protective shell, and a 3M ultra-high-bonding industrial adhesive layer. It has approximately 40 lbs. pull of magnetism, much higher than a conventional magnet. Weight: 1.8 oz. (50 gms.). It mounts under the frame, where it's not visible.

How do you use the RLC-40 Red Light Changer?
When approaching a traffic-lighted intersection, look for the sensor loops in the pavement, and glide slowly, right over one or more of the wires, in a straight line, if you can, in the same direction as the wire runs. Most traffic lights have a short delay of 5 to 15 seconds from the time you are sensed until the light changes to green, but some will make you wait up to a minute or more. Occasionally, a light may be so out-of-adjustment, or even be broken in such a way that nothing will make it change. All you can do is call the local road maintenance agency and report it.

Will the RLC-40 Red Light Changer affect the electronics on my motorcycle?
As long as the RLC-40 is installed according to the instructions it will not affect any electronics on the motorcycle.

Does the RLC-40 Red Light Changer use any power?
No, it derives its strength from the magnetic core, which is enclosed in a shell made from a special epoxy material, designed and tested to resist the elements.

Will the RLC-40 Red Light Changer work on every light?
The RLC-40 will work on nearly all of the lights. Occasionally, a light may be so out-of-adjustment, or even broken in such a way that nothing will make it change. With these faulty sensors even large cars will have difficulty triggering them. All you can do is call the local road maintenance agency and report it. Fortunately, this problem is very rare.

What makes the RLC-40 Red Light Changer different from similar products on the market?
It is, by far, the strongest light changer made. The RLC-40 is almost 10 times stronger than conventional ceramic magnetic products. It has a pull-strength of 40 pounds, and a flux field of 13,000 Gauss. The RLC-40 is made from a patented material called Neodymium-Boron-Iron, N40 Grade. Years of research and development have gone into developing the most dependable product on the market. The RLC-40 is also easier to install and uses a hi-tech industrial adhesive rather than cable ties or weak adhesives used by similar products. The RLC-40 has a lifetime warranty and unconditional money-back guarantee.

What is the Warranty on the RLC-40 Red Light Changer?
The RLC-40 comes with a full Lifetime Warranty. If this product ever fails to meet your expectations, if it does not work as advertised, or if it's defective, please return the product to us, along with your receipt, or other information showing you purchased it from us, and we will replace it, or refund what you paid us.

- All Motorcycles - Universal - Not Designed for any specific make or model

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